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Forget the Dummy's in Northern California

Juan Bigliar has started his own microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as "turds". Registered users can post, like and drop turds, but unregistered users can only read them.

MyTwitterFace offers other products and services beyond its social networking platform, including Fart Messenger, Fume Watch, and MyTwitterFace Portal

MyTwitterFaceParlerGram is a photo and video sharing feature that is part of our social networking service

The catch is, at least a dozen turds must be dropped on your turd or it is flushed/erased forever. If you do get at least two dozen turds dropped on your turd, you earn a Potty SnapSnack.

MyTwitterFace Podcast of the Month

We have found that these podcasts are very amusing. Warning, they have been know to cause nose bleeds.


Two hypothetically witty guys talking about the topics of the day and... stuff..
Two perfectly average weirdos searching for greatness by talking about the most important impactful relevant... popular subjects



MyTwitterFaceParlerGram Résumé CV

A digital phone book so you can connect to people you have lost touch with because you never realy liked them to start with. Don't worry about your data. When you make it easier for us to collect your data and sell it to the corprate world to both stalk you and control your mind, we promise to never do that. We are just one big happy Heinz Catch Up family. Once again you can trust us. You are getting sleepy very very sleepy. You can trust us. close your eyes and just relax. You can trust us.

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We are really nice, we really really nice.

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555 328-2253

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